tonya newton

I am a painter, web designer, and graphic artist.

I am a self-taught painter who started professionally in 2001. I went to school for web/graphic design in 2011. Today, I continue to paint and create graphic designs that stay true to my mid century influenced style. I create what I would put up in my own home.

I feel my art is an expression of space, not of mind. I choose shapes and colors that are aesthetically pleasing to me. Throughout the years, people have asked about the "meaning" behind my art. My response is that there is none, I create art because it's pretty. It's really just art to go with your (or my!) stuff.

After over 17 years (has it been that long already?!) of being a professional artist, I have no plans on stopping any time soon. I always looking for inspiration and new techniques to create the art that I love.


Want to contact me? You can!

- email:
- text ONLY: 971-336-8021