I am a painter, web designer, and graphic artist in Hillsboro OR.

My art career began in 2001, in Arizona. I had a passion (alright... somewhat of an obsession) for collecting Mid-Century Modern furniture and difficulty finding appropriate art. I'm not big into clowns, ballerinas, or big eyed children (no offense!). Out of a curiosity, I discovered painting. Having friends and family praise my artwork, I took a chance and put a painting up for auction on EBay. It sold immediately to an interior designer who was searching for art to compliment a commercial space he was working on. I was hooked! Demand for my work soon followed and I was all too willing to oblige in sharing my passion. Since that time, many opportunities have arisen that have only fueled my desire to create modern art that is influenced by the past.

I feel that my art is an expression of space, not of mind. I choose shapes, colors, and lines that are aesthetically pleasing to me. Throughout the years, people have asked about the "meaning" behind my art. My response is that there is none, I create art because it's pretty. It's really just art to go with your stuff.

My work has expanded from paintings to prints to fabrics and other products. After over 15 years of being a professional artist, and a move to Oregon, I have no plans on stopping any time soon. I look forward to new mediums and ways of creating art.