tonya newton



"I feel my art is an expression of space, not of mind. I choose shapes and colors that are aesthetically pleasing to me. Throughout the years, people have asked about the "meaning" behind my art. My response is that there is none, I create art because it's pretty. It's really just art to go with your (or my!) stuff."


Tonya has been obsessed with Mid Century style from childhood. As a collector, she never found the right art to go with her stuff. Frustrated, she took to painting her own artwork. In 2001, she started creating original paintings that were heavily inspired by the 1950s/60s and selling them online. Through the years she’s had many opportunities with tv, publications, hotels and by creating many commissioned pieces that have sold all over the world. In 2011, she took time off to learn graphic design so that she could use new methods to express herself. After nearly 18 years, her work is still sold online but she has branched out to art/craft fairs, stores and galleries. She continues her passion of painting and graphic design while staying true to her retro aesthetic. She creates what she would have in her own home. That is a philosphy that she continues to abide by to this day.