“Vintage inspired kitsch”

Kukukitchoo stockings are hand crafted by Tonya Newton. Each stocking is 100% handmade. The designs are created by Tonya Newton, these are not made using purchased patterns. No two stockings will be repeated as I use both new and upcycled/recycled items to decorate which makes every stocking completely unique.
If you’d like some info about the care of your Kukukitchoo stockings, visit my CARE PAGE.
I’m finished making stockings for 2018 but there’s still some for sale until Dec 31st in my Etsy shop. Be on the look-out in my Etsy shop for an after-Christmas super sale on certain items, including stockings. I will be making new stockings in 2019 with the existing characters and a bunch of new characters! Have an idea you’d like to pass onto me? Send me an email. I’d love hearing from you! Email me at info@tonyanewton.com

To view the current inventory for sale, visit my Etsy store.

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To view my entire inventory of stockings, to date, visit my Pinterest page.

email:  info@tonyanewton.com